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COMING SOON! Post-Mitigation & Post-Inspection Monitoring

Available in early 2019, Sun Nuclear is pleased to announce a plug-in, continuous radon monitor and app for homes, schools and offices. Building on the technology radon professionals have come to rely on, this device monitors air quality, so homeowners and building occupants can have peace of mind.

Since radon levels fluctuate seasonally and can change due to changes within a building (e.g., changes to HVAC settings), continuous monitoring of radon levels indoors is advisable.

This new device includes 6 environmental sensors that monitor Radon, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), C02, Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure. A color LED Status Indicator shows Okay, Warning, or Alert at-a-glance. The integrated app trends data for the last day, week, month and year, with custom warnings and alert thresholds and notifications.

The device plugs into any wall outlet, with adjustable orientation up to 90 degrees - no wall mount or batteries required.

Stay tuned for more details in January 2019.