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Debut of New and Upcoming Radon Detection Solutions from Sun Nuclear at AARST 2018

Featuring 1028™ XP Monitor, OneRADON™ Software and Upcoming Products

Sun Nuclear Corporation, the leading provider of Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs) for commercial and residential purposes, will introduce a new Continuous Radon Monitor and new software capabilities at the annual AARST International Radon Symposium this weekend. Located in Booths 41 and 42, Sun Nuclear will have products and software on display for live demonstrations.

AARST Symposium attendees will get a preview of the soon-to-be-released 1028™ XP Continuous Radon Monitor from Sun Nuclear. This CRM uses the trusted technology of the Sun Nuclear Model 1028™, upgraded to a modern, user-focused, and functional design. Key new features include an intuitive TFT touchscreen interface, extended battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity to the OneRADON app. The 1028 XP is also the first monitor that can be upgraded with additional functionality in the future, such as environmental screening capabilities.

The OneRADON software suite, recently released, will also be featured. This software connects to any Sun Nuclear monitor and supports all platforms -- iOS and Android mobile, Windows and Mac desktop. With OneRADON, Home Inspectors, Radon Measurement and Mitigation Specialists can customize and complete inspection reports, all at the site of inspection, using the mobile device or desktop of their choice.

In addition, Sun Nuclear will preview upcoming products, including a cloud computing software for real-time access to test data and geolocation tracking of inspections and devices across your team and devices. Sun Nuclear will also present the first true plug-in monitor for post-mitigation and post-inspection long-term monitoring. This innovative, cloud enabled product comes with the choice of your mobile app on Android or iOS.

“We’ve taken the feedback from our customers and are thrilled to show a range of solutions, including our most innovative hardware and software solutions, to meet the needs of busy professionals focused on radon detection, measurement, and mitigation,” said Dr. Kai Wundke, Sun Nuclear’s Senior Director, Radon.

In addition to demos in Booths 41 and 42, Sun Nuclear will present at the AARST Vendor Learning Lab on October 1st at 11:35 a.m.

Since 1986, Sun Nuclear has produced and calibrated CRMs at its Melbourne, Florida, manufacturing facility. More than 30,000 Sun Nuclear CRMs are in use worldwide, and highly-regarded for their reliability and accuracy.

About Sun Nuclear Corporation

In addition to providing leading Radon Detection training and solutions for commercial and residential purposes, Sun Nuclear is the worldwide leader in Patient Safety solutions for Radiation Oncology. We design and manufacture devices and software to ensure radiation prescriptions are accurately and consistently delivered to cancer patients. We hold numerous patents for groundbreaking product designs, and distribute solutions globally, both directly and through a network of 60+ distributors. Gammex, a leader in patient alignment technology and QA tools for the diagnostic radiology field, is a wholly-owned subsidiary. Visit us: Follow us: @SNC_Radon.