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Sun Nuclear Releases OneRADON Software Suite

Radon Test, Analysis, and Reporting Software for Home and Building Inspectors

Sun Nuclear Corporation, the leading provider of Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs) for commercial and residential purposes, today announced release of its OneRADON software application suite. OneRADON is an all-in-one radon test, analysis and reporting application software for use with all currently produced Sun Nuclear CRMs. It is now available for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and on for Desktop and Mac.

Home and building inspectors are often tethered to an office for completing inspection reports. With the release of OneRADON, home inspectors can now connect to their Sun Nuclear CRM on-site with their mobile device and can create customized reports and invoices, eliminating the need to travel to and from an office or even having to use a desktop computer.

“We’re pleased to announce the release of this expansive software suite that supports Sun Nuclear CRMs 1027, 1028, and 1030 on any platform,” said Dr. Kai Wundke, Sun Nuclear’s Senior Director, Radon. “Home inspectors will now have the convenience of customizing and completing their inspection reports, all at the site of inspection, using the mobile device or desktop of their choice and reducing the need for travel.”

The app supports all platforms - iOS and Android mobile, Windows and Mac desktop - and provides the following functionality:

  • Device Connection: Connects to any Sun Nuclear 1027, 1028, or 1030 monitor, without the hassle of Com Port limitations and reconfigurations.
  • Customized Settings: Users can set, sync, and save their inspection company information, preferred monitor and report settings one time, for ease of use.
  • Testing: Tests can be run based on user need, including 48-hour and 90-hour real estate, mitigation pre-post, day care facilities, schools, assisted living facilities, and workplace tests.
  • Quick Data Retrieval: Inspections can be pre-loaded in advance of the test for time-saving on-site. The inspector then simply downloads the results on site and approves results immediately to send on to the client.
  • Inspection Management: OneRADON saves work in progress so inspectors can finish the report later at a convenient time and/or send it to their home desktop for completion and review. 

Since 1986, Sun Nuclear has produced and calibrated CRMs at its Melbourne, Florida, medical device manufacturing facility. More than 30,000 Sun Nuclear CRMs are in use worldwide, and highly-regarded for their reliability and accuracy. 

About Sun Nuclear Corporation
In addition to providing leading Radon Detection training and solutions for commercial and residential purposes, Sun Nuclear is the worldwide leader in Patient Safety solutions for Radiation Oncology. We design and manufacture devices and software to ensure radiation prescriptions are accurately and consistently delivered to cancer patients. We hold numerous patents for groundbreaking product designs, and distribute solutions globally, both directly and through a network of 60+ distributors. Gammex, a leader in patient alignment technology and QA tools for the diagnostic radiology field, is a wholly-owned subsidiary. Visit us: Follow us: @SNC_Radon.