News > Sun Nuclear Signs on with Radiation Safety Institute of Canada to Streamline In-Country CRM Calibration Services

Sun Nuclear Signs on with Radiation Safety Institute of Canada to Streamline In-Country CRM Calibration Services

Key Customer Request Addressed Through Partnership

Sun Nuclear Corporation, a leading provider of Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs)  for commercial and residential purposes, today announced an agreement with the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada (RSIC) to include Sun Nuclear’s Model 1027™, Model 1028™ and Model 1030™ CRMs within its  national calibration services program. Through the agreement, Sun Nuclear CRM users in Canada gain  a more streamlined, cost-effective method for maintaining calibration status.

Companies and institutions that use CRMs are required by law to have annual instrument calibration  checks to ensure the devices operate accurately. RSIC’s Instrument Calibration Service is accredited by  the Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) and is approved and audited by the  Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) under its Regulatory Standard R-117, Requirements for  Gamma Radiation Survey Meter Calibration.

“We’re pleased to announce this partnership between two world-class organizations enabling healthier homes  by providing tools and services to detect radon, a leading cause of lung cancer,” said Kai Wundke, Sun Nuclear’s Senior Director, Radon. “Fast, expert CRM calibration is vital to our customers. We’re confident RSIC will consistently meet our standards of service and care, but at a more efficient, local level.”

Since 1986, Sun Nuclear has produced and calibrated CRMs at its Melbourne, Florida, medical device manufacturing facility. More than 25,000 Sun Nuclear CRMs are in use worldwide, and highly-regarded for their reliability and accuracy. At the American Society for Home Inspection’s INSPECTIONWORLD 2018 conference, Sun Nuclear is introducing numerous enhancements aimed at increasing efficiency for its CRM users, including new software and mobile support.  

Steve Horvath, President and CEO of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, commented: “Sun Nuclear and RSIC have always had a mutual long-term commitment to radon safety for all Canadians, including our dedication to the safe operation of CRM equipment throughout Canada. Our agreement is devoted to enhancing value for all Sun Nuclear customers through creating a more streamlined, cost-effective delivery of world-class calibration services, increased quality assurance and our continuous dedication to customer service improvement.” 

Through the terms of the agreement, RSIC will commence calibration of Sun Nuclear CRMs in March 2018. For additional information on services, visit the Institute’s web site today.  

About Sun Nuclear Corporation  In addition to providing leading Radon Detection solutions for commercial and residential purposes, Sun Nuclear is the worldwide leader in Patient Safety solutions for Radiation Oncology. We design and manufacture devices and software to ensure radiation prescriptions are accurately and consistently delivered to cancer patients. We hold numerous patents for groundbreaking product designs, and distribute solutions globally, both directly and through a network of 60+ distributors. Gammex, a leader in patient alignment technology and QA tools for the diagnostic radiology field, is a wholly-owned subsidiary. Visit us: Follow us: @SNC_Radon.

About the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada  The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada was founded as an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental body to promote safety in relation to radiation exposure in the workplace and in homes, schools and the environment. Its founding in 1980 was a direct, independent response to the human disaster in the Elliot Lake uranium mines, where healthy miners had been exposed to excessive amounts of a common radioactive gas (called radon) in the underground mining environment. Visit us: Follow us: @RSICanada.