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Model 1027

Reliable. Accurate. Efficient.

The Model 1027 Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) is rugged, easy to use, and the most economical Sun Nuclear CRM. The technology employed in the Model 1027 has been used commercially since 1986. The Sun Nuclear Corporation Model 1027 is classified as a CRM testing device, is US EPA verified, AARST-NRPP listed (CR-223) and NRSB listed (31808) for use in real estate transaction testing. 

Please note: Model 1027 requires the USB to Serial Adapter Cable for Model 1027 (not included with purchase).

SKU: 102700-0

About the 1027


  • Provides a digital display of the measured values
  • Reports may be obtained from either a printer or a computer
  • PC software, suitable for printing reports, is included with the instrument (USB adapter cable sold separately)
  • A compact printer that plugs into the 1027 Monitor is available if an on-site report is required (Data is stored in the Radon Monitor and can be printed at a later time)
  • Operates using line power (9 volt battery provided for short-term backup power)
  • Employs internal sensors to detect and report movement during a test
  • Completely reusable; simply clear the memory and it is ready for a new test

Software Highlights

1027 Information Setup Screen

The Information Setup Screen

  • Easily edit header and footer information
  • Adjust date and time as needed
  • Customize serial number list

1027 PC Report Screen

PC Report Screen

  • Export reports as a text file
  • Option to export reports as a tab or comma delimited file
  • Graphical output allows for quick check of results

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