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Model 1028

Reliable. Accurate. Efficient.

The Model 1028 Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)  is intelligently designed to be fully programmable by the user. Its patented electronic detection device for measuring radon gas has been used commercially since 1986.  The Sun Nuclear Corporation Model 1028 is AARST-NRPP listed (CR-228) and NRSB listed (31821) for use in real estate transaction testing.

SKU: 1028000-0

About the 1028

  • Large 16-character LED display guides users through an easy setup process to input the:
    • Inspection company information
    • Address
    • State License number
    • Phone number
    (Information is stored in memory and printed on each report)
  • A real-time clock allows time and dates to be included in each interval. A 12-hour delay start can be pre-programmed to meet all proficiency program closed building procedures. The monitor will turn itself off when the test is complete.
  • Battery status displays prior to testing
  • The software program allows “read only” time and date results to prevent tampering once the test is complete
  • Weather and test site conditions can also be added along with customer address and contact information
  • Add photo images of the monitor location in the home
  • USB cable included for Windows operating system only
  • PC software, suitable for printing reports, is included with the instrument
  • Compact printer sold separately
  • Optional carrying case sold separately

Software Highlights

1028 Information Setup Screen

The Information Setup Screen

On the main screen inspection page, download test results by clicking on the “retrieve data from monitor” button. View battery voltage, time and date, calibration and correction factor information. Prior to printing test results, complete customer address information and add images to your report.

1028 Chart Detail Screen

Chart Detail Screen

View the chart details and check select boxes located at the bottom to add or delete information displayed
on the chart.

1028 Print Preview

Custom Printed Reports

Print customized reports in PDF format to allow for viewing from websites or emailing to clients. If PDF is not appropriate, files can be copied to the clip board to paste in Word or Excel.

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