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Model 1030

Our Most Sensitive Monitor Yet

  • 6-dome, solid-state diffusion detector
  • Typical uncertainty: 3% at 15 cph per pCi/l sensitivity
  • Single line LCD display, USB interface
  • 2 test slots with up to 1,650 data points
  • Tamper detector, 4-digit PIN protection, 300h battery life

SKU: 1030000-0z

About the 1030 RadonSentinel

  • Allows users to download data through the USB cable without touching any buttons on the monitor
  • Six detectors offer higher sensitivity producing reliable data with less variation
  • Uses a USB power supply or 4 C cell batteries providing up to 300+ hours of measurement (batteries not included)
  • Can store two separate tests before downloading the results
  • Battery status displays prior to testing
  • Temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity are incorporated into reports
  • A real-time clock allows time and dates to be included in each interval and a 12-hour delay start can be pre-programmed to meet all proficiency program closed building procedures
  • Selectable interval settings
  • The monitor can be programmed to shut down when the test is complete
  • Optional carrying case sold separately

Software Highlights

OneRADON™ Software


OneRADON is your all-in-one radon test, analysis and reporting software. Connect to your Sun Nuclear 1027, 1028, 1028 XP, or 1030 monitor. Set, sync and save your inspection company information on the app one-time for customized settings. You're ready to complete your analysis and reporting on-site!

  • Device data import via USB from all SunRADON CRMs
  • Supports Windows and MAC PCs, and iOS and Android devices
  • Full, custom report and invoice generation (PDF)
  • Mobile to desktop inspection import, data Excel export, cloud sync ready


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