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OneRADON Software

Test. Report. Prevent.

OneRADON is your all-in-one Radon test, analysis and reporting software. Connect to your Sun Nuclear 1027, 1028, 1028 XP, or 1030 monitor to set, sync and save your inspection company information with customized settings. You're ready to complete your analysis and reporting on-site!

  • Device data import via USB from all SunRADON CRMs
  • Supports Windows and MAC PCs, and iOS and Android devices
  • Full, custom report and invoice generation (PDF)
  • Mobile to desktop inspection import, data Excel export, cloud sync ready

Download the desktop version
for your MAC or Windows PC >>

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To use OneRADON with your Sun Nuclear CRM and mobile phone, ensure you have the following supplies:

For connection with Model 1027 and Android:

For connection with Model 1027 and iOS:

For connection with Model 1028 and Android:

For connection with Model 1028 and iOS:

For connection with Model 1030 and Android:

For connection with Model 1030 and iOS:

Software Highlights

Connect & Quick Test Results Review

  • Connect to any 1027, 1028, 1028-XP or 1030 CRM
  • Review monitor information including model, serial number, calibration and battery status
  • Quick-view of data chart, overall and EPA averages, and motion errors

Create Inspections

  • Create New Inspection or Load Retrieved Data into Inspection templates

Configure and Start New Test

  • Set Interval, Duration, and Delay (1028, 1028-XP, 1030)
  • Start and Stop Test (1028-XP, 1030)
  • Clear Data

Complete Reports

  • Edit Test and Start Time, Measurement Units
  • Add Address, Pictures, Checklist, Risk Information, Report Specifics
  • Generate Invoice and/or Inspection PDF; send inspection to desktop

One Time Setup of Preferences

  • Set units, synchronize monitor time and PIN code
  • Add company address, Logo, e-Signature
  • Select optional Chart, data table, risk information and more

Manage Inspection and Setup Inspection Templates

  • Import inspections from mobile, export data into excel
  • Send inspection file from mobile to desktop
  • Read and edit inspections in mobile and desktop
  • Create pre-filled Inspection templates in mobile and desktop

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